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Tailwater Outfitters Toccoa Fly Rod: Fast Action 9' 4 piece IM8 Graphite With Rod Tube (5 weight)


Big Hybrid Bass on a 5wt FLY ROD!!

For sale here is a Gary Soeffker 8ft 3/2 5wt bamboo fly rod. Script reads "8'-208 #5"; additional inscription reads "4-89 .055". This is a very fine example of Gary's work in the late 80's with stunningly dark shafts, golden nodes and a nicely swelled butt. The rod remains in excellent+ original condition. Smooth, fast action rod that casts a DT5 line with great feel and authority. An unusual feature of this rod is the duronze ferrules made by Gary. It comes in the original hand made bag and brass capped tube and includes the original sculptured ferrule plugs.

Gary always sets as his goal to produce rod sections that are symmetrical in their bending properties. If all six strips are from the same culm, are perfectly equilateral and planed to the same exact taper the rod will have no spline. It will bend symmetrically about its neutral axis. This rod has those qualities.

I recently found myself walking the banks of a dam, an old Fenwick 5wt fly rod with floating rio nymph line, a furled leader and a 6lb Fluoro tippet. Attached to the tippet was an imitation of a midge larvae or blood worm and behind this was a tiny green woolly bugger which I hoped would imitate the greenish coloured mudeyes working the weed beds with the idea being the silvers would see the mudeye hunting a blood worm and would fall victim to either of the two.

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    This new Estrada Art “5wt Chronicles” is a multi-segment short film series where Eric and his fly fishing crew go all over the country to see how many different species of fish they can catch with a 5wt fly rod.

    The 5wt Chronicles Season 1 Trailer - Follow us as we attempt to catch as many different species of fish on a 5wt fly rod. From Bonefish, Tarpon, Redfish, Black Drum, and a variety of freshwater fish including South Florida Peacock Bass, and Trophy Trout in Blue Ridge GA.