Great. You're now following 6mm threaded rod in your .

M6 x 150mm Fully Threaded Stainless Steel Hex Head Screw Bolt 4 Pcs


6mm x 1.0 Pitch x 1 Meter Metric Threaded Rod

I used the spool holders successfully with 608 skate bearings and the stock 6mm threaded rod. Inserted a shim between the rod and the bearings! Also used a M6 nut encased in a nut knob (yellow) found elsewhere on this site.

Couple of plates
5 or 6mm threaded rod
Nuts for threaded rod
Plastic tubes (empty pens are great)
Colourful ribbon
6mm glass/tile bit

6mm-1.0 x 100mm Threaded Rod - 12 pcs/box at Menards®

  • 2011-09-02 A shopper asked:
    Do you have 6mm brass threaded rod? I need only a few 6 inch pieces. Thanks, Don
  • 6mm-1.0 x 100mm Threaded Rod - 12 pcs/box ..

    Built with 626 bearing. Needed to add some internal dimensions to spacer to tight of a fit with 6mm threaded rod. Spacer had to be extended in Z - Axis only, to use with longer core. Directions confusing but end product works great.

    Store these clamps apart from small SK® clamps as they appear the same with the exception of a threaded rod channel which allows attachment to a 6mm threaded rod.