Acrylic Rods Clear Extruded - Round

AR-4H Clear Rod,1/8" (30)


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Inches away, the works of artist appear as what they are: paint drops on clear, acrylic rods. Yet, a few steps back, the sculptures form into everyday scenes among figures and other absorbing imagery. The narratives seem to float in the air, offering both visceral and delicate views of human interaction.

I have been searching for acrylic rods and brackets to use as a handrail for the stairs leading to our basement. I really liked your curtain rod with the brass brackets in the office. Question – Is the rod fixed (non-moveable) when attached to the bracket? Or does the bracket screw directly into the acrylic rod? Enjoyed your website.

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Eileen, I don’t cell the acrylic rods directly but if you contact Nationwide Plastics I’m sure they can help you out – they will cut acrylic rods to the exact size you need.

Working Process:
About our work, we tried to minimize decorative elements and concentrated on the most basic form of chair. In order to emphasize the heaviness of reality, we made the very first chair bigger (width, 600mm X length, 600mm X height, 1200mm) than standard size. And for emphasizing purity and lightness, smallest chair’s back two legs are made out of transparent acrylic rods. Except for the biggest chair, other four do not have seats. Through chairs which are incapable of seating, we wanted to symbolically express past time. The biggest chair has seat but no back two legs. It can only stand stably when it is perched on the chair just behind. This is for delivering message about the balance of life indirectly.