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The preferred form of the invention and its method of use are shown in FIGS. 1-4 whereby coilable gun barrel cleaning rod 10 is shown in FIG. 1 in a linear or "uncoiled" posture whereas in FIG. 2 cleaning rod shaft 11 is shown in coiled form for storage purposes. Shaft 11 is formed from a flexible, polymeric material such as nylon, polypropylene or other suitable composition. Polymeric materials have been found to be especially adaptable for the purpose demonstrated herein since they do not scratch or mar the gun barrel, stock, or other surfaces they may contact. Coilable shaft 11 as seen in FIG. 1 may be cylindrically shaped with a 0.2 inch (5.08 mm) diameter and extend for approximately 32 inches (812.8 mm). Shaft 11 can be coiled to form 2-4 convolutions for compact storage such as in pouch 12 shown in FIG. 2.

The preferred method of using coilable gun barrel cleaning rod 10 is illustrated in FIG. 4 whereby shaft 11 is shown partially uncoiled and inserted into breech 27 of rifle 26. Shaft 11, after attachment to a suitable cleaning implement, is inserted into bore 24 of barrel 25 through breech 27. The method consists of removing coiled cleaning rod shaft 11 from its storage position, attaching a suitable cleaning implement thereto such as brush 14, and then passing cleaning rod 10 with brush 14 attached through the barrel of the gun to clean barrel bore 24 of any excess powder, dust, debris, or the like therefrom. After cleaning has been accomplished, brush 14 can be removed and cleaning jag 20 threadably attached for receiving oiled cloth patch 22. Cloth patch 22 is passed through barrel 25 and thereafter, patch 22 discarded and jag 20 removed from shaft 11. Cleaning rod shaft 11 can then again be coiled and returned to its storage position, in pouch 12 or the like, along with jag 20, and shaft 11 manually re-coiled for storage. Polymeric shaft 11 can be used without fear of scratching or otherwise harming barrel 25.

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    Steel shotgun cleaning rods are not soft like aluminum so they won’t get debris embedded into the surface BUT steel rubbing against steel is not good. There is the risk of scratching the bore if you let the rod come in contact with the bore or choke tube. Don’t use bare steel cleaning rods.

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