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The KleenBore 3 Piece Small Bore Cleaning Rod represents a streamlined bore cleaning solution from KleenBore. This steel cleaning kit can clear out the bore or barrel of your small bore rifle in just a few minutes. Designed specifically for .17 small bore rifles, this KleenBore cleaning kit also includes enough accessories to give your rifle a rigorous cleaning that will help it to operate in peak condition. The KleenBore 3 Piece .17 Caliber Cleaning Rod comes packaged with a phosphor bronze bore brush, a cotton bore mop, and a jag for holding patches in place.

Its important to know your terminology. Recent we purchased a pack of RamRodz brand bore cleaning rods. The idea is a simple, if not novel approach to cleaning your pistol barrel. RamRodz are a heavy bamboo stick with a high grade, low lint swab securely affixed to the end. Made in all the common handgun calibers, you simply get the “caliber” of Ramrodz to match your blaster. Since we pretty much shoot everything, we figured we would give the .45 ones a try. After a recent range session, me and Slim returned back to the compound to watch zombie movies and perform weapons maintenance.

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The KleenBore 3 Piece Aluminum All Guage Shotgun Cleaning Rod is a precision manufactured cleaning rod that keeps the inside barrel of your shotgun looking pristine. This cleaning kit features an 3 piece aluminum rod with a patch holder and an accessory output to expand the possibilities of the KleenBore Shotgun Cleaning Rod even further. Packaged in compartmentalized vinyl pouch that protects your tools as well as organizes them, the KleenBore 3 Piece All Gauge Shotgun Rod Set is a worthy addition to your workbench.