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Midwest Carbon Fiber Rod .125 MID5803


Plastic Rods, Tubes, Circles, Shapes Carbon Fiber Rods

Warranty: 1-Year against manufacturing defects.

Tipton Deluxe Carbon Fiber Cleaning Rods are warranted to withstand reasonable blows, torque pressures and shaft flexations during the course of normal firearm service operation. Use caution to minimize flexing the junction between the cleaning rod handle and the cleaning rod shaft. Tipton also recommends both the use of a bore guide to protect the firearm action, and wearing prudent safety eyewear when cleaning and/or services any firearm.

Since 1990 Ilmberger has been producing high-quality carbon fiber products, equaling OEM quality and sold through OEM accessory catalogs. Used by top international racers, Ilmberger products are the highest quality carbon fiber we have found, from the material itself, to the clear coat, to the way Ilmberger stands behind each product. We’re very proud to bring the full line of Ilmberger products to the U.S. Whether you’re going racing, want to lose a few ounces, or are improving the appearance of your machine, Ilmberger carbon fiber is the best you can buy!

Genustech 15mm Carbon Fiber Rods (10") G-DCFR250 B&H Photo

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Carbon Fiber Tube & Rod - China Carbon Fiber, Carbon Fiber Rod

We supply large series of carbon fiber rods/tubes (whose outer diameter ranges from 0.5 mm to 25.4 mm), square tubes, rectangular tubes, CRP profiles, etc. Our solid carbon fiber rod, one kind of the carbon fiber reinforced plastic (CFRP) products, is strong, light and rigid, etc. The unit length can also be customized and ranges from several millimeters to more than 30 kilometers (for small-diameter rods). Our pultruded carbon sections offer the ultimate cost-effective carbon solution. Using either the vinlyester or epoxy resins combined with carbon fiber, our solid carbon fiber rod features high strength and stiffness.

Features of Solid Carbon Fiber Rod
1. The solid carbon fiber rod has the advantages of high corrosion resistance, lasting performance, environmentally safe and so on.
2. It features light weight, low density, excellent structural properties, high strength, etc.
3. With superior dimensional stability, the solid carbon fiber rod is easy to fabricate and install.