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Lansky 8" Ceramic Sharp Stick


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To maintain the sharpness of your knives daily you can use the Skerper Basic ceramic sharpening rod. It will give your knives that little extra needed sharpness. The ceramic is really fine in grain and structure, and will take only a very small amount of steel from the blade. Just enough to remove burrs and small traces of use. When you notice you’re not cutting through tomatoes as smoothly, use the sharpening rod shortly and your knife will fly through them like never before!

The advantage of a ceramic sharpening rod compared to a sharpening steel is that the sharpening rod really sharpens while a sharpening steel only straightens small burrs that arose during the use of a knife. The effectiveness of a ceramic sharpening rod is larger and the result is better.

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  • Unique patent of impact-resistant sharpener catering equipment ceramic sharpening rod
  • Ceramic Sharpening Rod 8-1/2" - KnifeCenter - AC71

    Keep your custom knives in tip top shape with this excellent ceramic sharpening rod. It's fully compatible with your new kitchenware pieces and will your new blades for premium cooking.

    The Lansky ceramic sharpening rod is ideal for the daily maintenance of knives. By sharpening your knife regularly with this sharpening rod with medium grit, your knife always remains sharp and you will postpone an extended sharpening service for a long period of time.