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A fairly thorough internet search for Swiss Vetterli cleaning rods revealed none for sale anywhere I could find, except a couple of posts on the Swiss Rifle forum about some guy who sells repros for something like $75.00. Seventy-five bucks is a significant portion of the amount that I paid for the rifle, and I figured I could do something better. I had seen vague references to a 3-band Enfield cleaning rod working, but that was a no go.

Not only are Carbon Fiber Cleaning Rods truer and stiffer than steel... if you do bend them, they spring back to their original straightness! And since carbon fiber won't scratch your barrel, you don't have to coat these Cleaning Rods before using them. In a nutshell, Carbon Fiber just makes perfect sense.

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01. RA1405 Hickory Ramrod 10X32 Thread
02. RA1301 Hickory Ramrod 8X32 Thread
03. RA1402 Combination Loading & Cleaning Rifle Rod 44"
04. RT0214 RAMROD ADAPTER -- 10X32 / 8X32
05. UA2203 Muzzle Protector

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These rifle cleaning rods are available in a number of sizes for the barrel cleaning of double rifles and bolt action rifles. To be used with the brush, mop, jag and cleaning patches to remove any dirt and residue after shooting to help maintain the rifle. Please note, the brush, mop and jag are sold separately.

Then I thought to myself that these shouldn't be too hard to make, if only I could get some dimensions on an original cleaning rod. A surplusrifleforum member helped me out immensely on this one, and I'm grateful that he took the time to measure his cleaning rod out. He measured a 69/71 cleaning rod, and my base assumption is that the design for it and the M1878 is the same.