Increase storage space with a closet rod extender.

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You can never have enough closet space, but adding more storage space to your home may not be an option. Instead of adding closets to your home, you can make better use of existing storage space. One quick and easy way to make closet space more effective is to install a closet rod extender. With a closet rod extender, you can double hanging space without losing any space in your closet.

The youtube video linked is the overview of all you did in your NYC apartment, before moving to LA. Trying to watch the actual construction of closet rod extension. 😃

Love this sturdy Adjustable Closet Rod Extender from Umbra

  • Cover the dowel in fabric or paint it to give the closet rod extender a more decorative appearance.

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Outfit your foyer closet with smart storage solutions so it's ready for every coat and accessory. To neatly store bags, mount hooks on the inside of the door. Then get double the amount of hanging space with a closet rod extender. Suspend longer coats on the upper level; use the bottom rod for shorter ones.

@Margaret Smith I show how to make the closet rod extension in this video of another closet I made over for a friend - you can fast forward to 4:23 min to see it.