Use a leveler to make sure the clothing rod will be straight.

Closet Pro HD RP0022-30/48 Adjustable Closet Rod, 30-Inch to 48-Inch, Platinum


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Make sure your clothing rod holder is aligned correctly. There’s usually an opening on one side of the clothing rod holder that needs to point upward.

Available in three lengths, our InterMetro Clothes Hanger Rods are designed to work with InterMetro or Metro Commercial Shelves to create an exceptionally strong garment rack. The system is a fantastic solution for long-term storage needs, guest's coats or if you just need a little more closet space.

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Sloped Ceiling Clothes Rod Bracket - Brushed Price: $25.99

Pull Down Closet Rod - Medium Sale: $104.99

Pull Down Closet Rod - Heavy Duty Sale: $113.99

QuikCLOSET - Clothes Storage Solution Price: $39.99

Heavy Duty Car Clothing Rod in Handy Auto Tools

After tossing the ensembles that don’t serve you well, it’s time to restructure your closet to maximize the space. Think of raising your clothing rod higher so you have more room on the floor for a dresser, or adding a second rod to create double the hanging space. This way, you’ll maximize the space you have.

If you have a lot of clothes that require life on hangers, devote an entire wall to clothing rods to free up space for surrounding shelves and storage solutions. In this walk-in, a majority of the clothes are neatly hung on the back wall, while folded pants, sweaters and shoes are housed on shelves along the side.