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A premium grade 8740 alloy chrome moly steel is used to manufacture ARP High Performance connecting rod bolts. This material is heat-treated to provide a tensile strength in the 200,000 psi range, which is substantially stronger than the OEM bolts. Cycle testing shows ARP High Performance rod bolts to be nearly five times more reliable than stock bolts.

When it comes to performance engines you want to replace the weak, one-time use factory stretch bolts in your engine with RACEWARE™ 220,000 PSI tensile strength to prevent serious engine damage. It’s common knowledge that the Porsche 3.2L 911 and later long stroke engines can fatigue the small 9mm OE connecting rod bolts, causing them to fail with very expensive or complete engine destruction. An ounce of prevention is smarter than a pound of cure.

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    ARP Pro-Series 2000 Stock Connecting Rod Bolts - Set of 16 (96-10 4.6L, 07-11 5.4L)


  • Connecting Rod Bolts are Critical Engine Fasteners

    Today I’d like to discuss the proper method for performance connecting rod bolt installation. There are a few ways to tighten connecting rod bolts, including the basic torque method, the stretch method, and the torque to yield method. Without a doubt, bolt stretch is the only truly accurate way to establish proper bolt preload. To better understand why, we need to look at how a bolt works.

    Replacement Connecting Rod Bolts by Manley®, 4 piece set. Includes Nuts. Connecting Rod Bolt made from Pro Wave ARP2000. 3/8 2000 Rod Bolts 1.600 Long.