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St. Croix Mojo Inshore Spinning Rod, MIS70MHF


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The St. Croix Legend Tournament rods will give you every advantage you can get from your equipment. There is a reason anglers who have discovered the fine quality and American made craftsmanship of St. Croix rods are a dedicated group.

Just bought the Mojo Bass St. Croix spinning rod... 6'-8" Med X-fast... Super Rod I used this afternoon at a Community Pond in Kaysville... Hooked into a 4.5 pound Carp, without this new Rod I would have lost them in the Reeds like on Sat... With the drag spinning, I was after 2lb fish.. I grapped the spool and Pulled it out of the Reeds 2 times...Tightened Drag and Got it in...Released after a Picture... SuperRod and casts a Mile...

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    blanks are produced by Axiom North America, LLC, a joint venture between the St. Croix Fishing Rod Company and Rapsody, Inc. We design them and manufacture them – you buy directly from the source. Because blanks are manufactured in our factory when you place an order, we offer you the opportunity to have your blanks painted with one of our beautiful custom colors. Decades of fishing rod design expertise + Millions of blanks produced = Blanks you can trust. Factory Direct = Unmatched Value. = A logical choice for a Rod Geek.

    Michaels used a seven-foot, medium-to-heavy St. Croix rod, a Shimano Calcutta 400 reel, 65-pound test Sufix line and a live sardine for bait. The catch is particularly significant because it's the heaviest snook of all species ever documented on