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The Internet and the experts will probably name graphite as the best material for deep sea fishing rod, especially for a heavy-duty rod. At first you might think a graphite rod is too light, but that’s the advantage of graphite. It is lightweight and strong. This material is strong enough to withstand the fight between man and fish, and yet light enough so that the fisherman won’t tire as easily.

Graphite is used to make other fishing rods, too, including fly fishing rods, which are light and flexible. The material for a deep sea fishing rod is the same as the fly fishing rod, but the deep sea rod is longer, wider and denser than its fly fishing counterparts.

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    Fiberglass is another good material for deep sea fishing rods. Fiberglass provides more flexibility, but still has the strength to survive the struggle between human and fish. Fiberglass rods don’t last as long as the graphite ones, but still last a long time. With a fiberglass rod, you can enjoy many, many hours of deep sea fishing before you have to contemplate purchasing another one.

    How Big, How Long and How Strong?
    So, how do you choose a ? Surf the Internet. I’m not kidding; you can buy deep sea fishing rods online. In addition, the World Wide Web is a deep well of information. Even if you don’t buy from the Internet, you can use it to study the different types and styles and to compare prices. You can also decide what accessories you want and need to go with the rod.