White Birch Dowel Rods - 36” and 48” Lengths

Darice 9162-00 Unfinished Natural Wood Craft Dowel Rod, 1/2-Inch


Wilton® Plastic Dowel Rods - Michaels

Atlas Dowel & Wood Products Company is a manufacturer and supplier of high quality wood dowel rods and rope mouldings available in Poplar, Oak, Hickory, Hard Maple, Ash, Beech, Walnut, and Teak. We supply a wide range of wood products to various industries throughout the world. Our Shaker Pegs, Country Shortys, and Wall Mug Pegs are centerless ground for smoothness and tight tolerences. Services available include doweling, moulding, planing, sanding, turning, (backknife, novelty, and centerless), tenoning, boring, tumbling, finishing, and kiln drying.

Use the upper tier for size reference when determining dowel rod placement. All the dowel rods must be placed within the area you will mark to provide adequate support.

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Dowel rods provide the sturdy support your tiered cakes need

We operate a state of the art manufacturing plant in Locke Mills, Maine, where we manufacture many wood products in addition to dowel rods. Traditionally manufactured with Maine craftsmanship, Saunders Brothers has always taken pride in everything we produce. Our custom finishes are not only beautiful and long lasting, but safe for use in the food and toy industries. We ship to customers across the globe.

Center a cake board the same size as the tier above it on base tier and press it gently into icing to imprint an outline. Remove. Use this outline to guide the insertion of the dowel rods.