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Polyurethane Fishing Rod Cork Grip Seal: Episode 296

The Full Wells Cork Grip for Fly Rods
The Full Wells (FW) style of cork grips for fly rods is probably the most well-known and the most popular of the four standard fly fishing rod cork grip styles, and the Full Wells Cork Grip is found on most retail fly fishing rods you’d buy at a fly fishing shop or a sports-outdoors store. The Full Wells grip is the largest and heaviest cork grip. It’s well suited for people who have large hands with long fingers (men who wear glove sizes of Large to Extra Large). Due to the size of this particular cork grip, the size of the Full Wells cork grip also can cause fatigue for anglers with smaller hands and shorter fingers.

The Reverse Half Wells Cork Grip For Fly Rods
The next popular grip style is the Reverse Half Wells (RHW). Not offered as much on fly fishing rods built by the major manufacturers, the Reverse Half Wells style of cork grip is easier to grip by anglers with small to average hand size and finger length. Both men and some women favor this style or cork grip. The design of the Reverse Half Wells cork grip features multiple contours (curves) in the cork grip which lets the hand find the sweet spot for a good grip. The Reverse Half Wells cork grip requires less pressure on the fingers and wrist to get a good grip, and it’s the most versatile fly fishing rod cork grip style because it fits the most people with comfort.

DIY TIP: How to Clean Your Fishing Rod Cork Handle

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    The Cigar Style Cork Grip For Fly Rods
    The Cigar Grip (CG) is a cork grip style that’s rarely available on a production fly rod that’s manufactured in a factory, or that’s manufactured like factory-made fly rods but made in smaller batches by a fly rod builder. The Cigar Cork Grip is the smallest cork grip offered, with the shortest circumference and shortest length of all the cork grip options. The Cigar cork grip style is best suited for anglers with smaller hands and short finger length. These traits have the advantage in lessening the weight of the grip. This design has been under rated for many years and is more difficult to find as a rod component, unless you’re procuring a hand-made fly fishing rod. Both women and men with smaller hands find that the Cigar style of fly fishing rod cork grip makes for nice, long days of fly fishing with minimal hand fatigue.

    Until you get the right cork grip on your fly rod, that fits YOUR hand and fingers, these problems will continue, and you simply won’t enjoy your fly fishing experience as much. This is why it’s so important to know about the different options for fly fishing rod cork grips, and to choose the one that’s right for you.