Bombshell Flexi Rod Curls Tutorial

Diane By Fromm 42-pack Twist-flex Rods


Flexi Rods Curls | Black Hairstyle and Haircuts

This isn’t really a balanced comparison the flexi rod and Curlformer but it does a great contrast in between a truly tight curling method and that gives stretched hair as an alternative to a out. On dampened hair every single of these sections was set under a dryer in significantly less than 30 minutes. The little bantu knot if repeated, even in slightly area all through my hair, could extremely nicely final a work . Hands , it wins the endurance contest. Also, it is the only set I would take into account sleeping in, although it is not the most comfy both. Large plastic rollers, by contrast, are not going to give a set that will final than a day but it will your hair so that you can get pleasure other stretched for the duration of the week. You can even do a bantu knot out on roller stretched hair for and complete .

In this video, the flexirods form curls but the natural texture of the hair is still retained. This is in part because the hair being set was not really as wet as in the ‘perfect curl’ video. More of the natural texture of the hair is retained as the rod is wrapped. Using fewer and larger rods lessens the amount of time spent to achieve the look but the compromise is a little more frizz and texture.

Flexi Rod Curls On Natural Hair

  • Kenna

    I prefer flexi rods to curlformers. I get beautiful elongated curls with curlformers but as soon as I separate the curls they lose shape and does not look as good as it did before separating. My hair shrinks up a bit with the flexi rods but when I separate my curls my hair is fluffy and curly. I have now started to use curlformers only when I want my hair stretched. After I remove the curlformers I then do a bantu knot or a really dope twist out on my straight hair.

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    I love flexi rods! I actually have a flexi rod set curls in now! I used to do them myself when my hair was shorter,but it seems as my hair has gotten longer its harder for me to do LOL

    Take Rods Out and Enjoy.
    Finally, you want to take each rod out carefully without damaging your hair or the curls it has created. Say hello to beautiful curls! To keep your flexi rod curls maintained, just moisturize and pin-curl your hair before you go to sleep.