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1.5 Global Market Size (Value) of Ground Rods (2011-2021)

This image does give/show an unrealistic totally vertical installation of the ground rod. Even with perfect conditions a vertical install is not likely. Up to a 45 degree installation is acceptable. With the rocky soils in many San Antonio areas, most installs of ground rods are angled and luckily will meet the 45 degree rule. At the inspection above the 45 degree max install was verified (when it was actually installed).

Once the fence is installed you should check to see if the fence is properly grounded. This is done by ‘grounding’ out the fence with a metal bar and than checking the ground rods with a volt meter. If the reading on the volt meter is higher than 200 volts you need more ground rods. There should be no volt reading on the meter with a properly grounded fence.

2 Manufacturing Cost Structure Analysis of Ground Rods

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2.3 Global Ground Rods Average Price by Manufacturers (2015 and 2016)

The grounding system is the most important part of the fence. Ensure you have installed your ground rods properly. You will need a minimum of 3, 6-8 foot long, rods placed at least 2 meters away from the energizer and 3 meters a part from each other. The rods and clamps are connected back to the energizer using galvanized wire.

I would like to know your opinion/comments on corrosion performance of copper -vs- galvanized steel grounding rods in underground applications. I will appreciate if you could provide me, besides generalities, some hard data/ references on the subject.