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Gunslick 1-Piece 36-Inch Carbon Fiber Cleaning Rod (.22 Caliber)


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Gunslick Rod Adapters is a quality addition to your gun maintenance supplies, and will contribute to proper upkeep of your firearms. This product from Gunslick will help you keep your gun in working order. Browse our other for other firearm maintenance alternatives. Read more about Gunslick Rod Adapters below and call with any questions you have this or other or .

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  • Blackened steel rod Contains Gunslick chemicals

    The compact Gunslick Hunter's Pull Thru Cleaning Kit features a durable, soft-pack case with a belt loop, plus MOLLE compatible attachment webbing and S.T.R.I.K.E. Speed Clips™ for quick and easy connection to packs, belts or other gear. The innovative Pull-Thru Jag System from Gunslick Pro consists of a patch-piercing jag adaptor, caliber-specific jags, 36-inch cable, and a standard square patch that is easy to use and easy to replace. One size patch works for all calibers: Caliber-specific jags allow for a perfect fit inside the bore— resulting in no trimming or folding of the cleaning patch. All kit components, with the exception of the nylon brush and soft-pack case, are made in the U.S.A. Gunslick Pull-Thru Kits are the best way to clean pistols, rifles, shotguns and AR's (check out the full line-up). Pulling fouling out the muzzle from the action is the ideal way to remove debris and deposits. Plus, each kit is a compact, easy way to carry gun care into the field. In the gun care industry - among gunsmiths, firearm technicians and shooters - Gunslick has earned a sterling reputation for providing precision products that serve the active shooter. Third party testing shows Gunslick products exceed the performance of their competition in both corrosion protection and wear reduction. These test also demonstrate Gunslick's unwavering dedication to producing technologically advanced gun care products for today's shooters. This season, let Gunslick Pro do the work for you. Select a product and see how Gunslick hasn't sacrificed the ability to perform when simplifying the process.