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They actually have two completely different sets of ingredients. Tried the Hotrod 5000 and it works really well – up to 3 days, and store recommended that it lasts that long. Definitely drink lot of water though.

I have used HotRod5000 for three years,its fantastic,no side effects for me,it works in 30 minutes,i get erections like i was twenty years old,i am 54 now,plus i last longer before orgasms,i say try it at least once,i get a bottle at the General Nutrition store of ten pills for 48.00 dollars…..I love it!!!!!!!!

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Anonymous in Dec 2015
Not long after turning 48 I noticed the quality of my erections was lacking in certain positions. Tired of making excuses with my much younger partner, I ordered Hot Rod 5000. I took the pill with lots of water and an hour later tried it out. The results were amazing. My erection was solid as a rock and it lasted for a full hour of no-stop play. My partner was like a kid at Christmas. I was ready for round two in 30 minutes. Felt like I was in my 20s again.

After a couple hours my face was flush and my ears were bright red. It felt like seasonal allergy symptoms. Got a mild head ache after that and some heart burn as the night went on. All in all, the side affects were nothing compared to the amazing results. I've never tried a performance enhancer before, but I gotta say, this one really works. I high recommend it.

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Using hot rod.5000 for 6 months. Extremely pleased with probuct.
Each pill last for results 2 to 3 days. Firm erection improve climax.
no side effects fore myself.
I do recommend hot rod 5000.

Hot Rod 5000 is labeled as a performance enhancer for men but can be used by women. It boasts the ability to stimulate sexual desire and sensitivity. After putting her son to bed, Olivia knocked back her capsule with lots of water and got down with her hubby.