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Officially licensed by Ford Motor Company, our ‘32 flamed pedal Ford Roadsters feature chrome “Ford” hubcaps, detailed ’32 grille, working trunk, custom graphics and real hood louvers. These hot rod pedal cars are sure to thrill children and collectors alike.

A new competition was held in conjunction with the Student Career Day Program at select Autorama, World of Wheels, and Cavalcade of Custom events this season. The Genuine Hot Rod Hardware Pedal Car Challenge presented by Summit Racing Equipment offered teams of high school automotive students the opportunity to apply their technical skills to a project that involved planning, design, productivity, creativity and resourcefulness.

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  • InSTEP 14 PC600 Hot Rod Pedal Car
  • Green Pick Up Truck Pedal Car; 1934 Classic Black Hot Rod Pedal Car;

    Participating schools received a Genuine Hot Rod Hardware Pedal Car, and it was up to each instructor to select their team of students for the project. The cars had to be completed prior to their respective show, where they were displayed and judged by official ISCA judges based on creativity, quality of workmanship, overall appearance, and attention to detail. Following the judging, the cars were auctioned off, and proceeds for each car were returned to the automotive program of the respective school. Awards included a commemorative plaque, First, Second and Third Place ribbons and gift certificates from Summit Racing Equipment.

    The Instep Hot Rod Pedal Cars provide Solid steel construction, outstanding durability, authentic detailing, adjustable pedal drive, functional steering, rubber tires and chrome hub caps.