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Hot Rod Pinup Kelly Lindahl Continuing to get to know hot rod and pinup model photographer Trent Sherrill, let's get to know his girlfriend, pinup model, hair stylist and makeup artist out of New York: Kelly Lindahl. Describe the best date you ever had. My Best Date was when my boyfriend Trent, flew into NY then took me to Yankees Stadium, (which I've never been to a baseball game ever) but we got sushi. then we walked around NYC even though I live/work here it was nice to spend time with him and show him around a bit. How about the worst date? One time I was on a date and the guy I guess "googled" my parents name, I guess he got their names off my Facebook , he thought he found out what they did for a living, it was creepy, never saw him again. What's your favorite car ever and what's your favorite that you've actually owned? I like 1964 Impala's, really anything that’s a lowrider, or I really like low, big kustom cars. For my favorite car I’ve owned, it has to be my Jeep. It...

Hot Rod Pinup Jenna Sherrill When I first met Trent Sherrill by finding one of his "liked" hot rod or pinup photos on Facebook, I checked out his other pictures and found this one: After seeing the tag, I asked Trent, "Is that your sister?!" Turns out this lovely girl is, in fact, Trent's sister Jenna Sherrill. As much talent as Trent shows behind the camera, Jenna's making it easy on her bro by looking fabulous! We're getting to know Trent a little better by asking his sister and next, his girlfriend Kelly Lindahl (another rocking pinup) a few questions. Once you get to know the girls, I'm sure you'll love them like Trent does. Thanks guys! Describe the best date you ever had. The best date I ever had was when my fiance and I were first together. He drove me to Avila Beach in his 1957 Plymouth Savoy. We stopped in Pismo Beach to get some clam chowder from Splash Cafe and then headed to Avila. He bought me a wide brim sun hat and laid out a Mexican blanket on the beach. We ate our chowder...

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Hot Rod Pinup Crissy Henderson After a short break, Pinup of the Month is back and hot as ever with the sizzling Crissy Henderson. With pinup photography by Trent Sherrill, we can't miss here. Being so close to Christmas, I had to ask... What's your favorite Christmas you can remember? Everyone road tripping to my grandparents in Kansas for a few days until Christmas. The whole family would help my grandpa with morning farm chores and then we'd eat breakfast together then open gifts! I miss those days where the whole family got together and had a meal! White Christmas or sunny Christmas? Has to be a white one! Snow is fun! Trent's photos seem to bring out the best in women, what makes a hot, vintage styled photo for you? Ive only ever shot pinup pics with Trent. He's amazing at what he does! I love the old school looks! They're all hot! We gotta ask, are you a car girl or do you just see the hot rods as just another prop? I love the way a car looks and sounds - other than that I'm pretty...

“She’s a classy, sexy, hot rod pinup! I live off the beaten path a bit, but I like it that way. After spending so much time in the big cities modeling, attending events, and going to car shows, it is truly a breath of fresh air to come home! I’m a neat freak, but rarely on time with a great sense of humor and I LOVE to laugh at a good joke, but am SO bad at telling them! I live for getting all dolled up and stepping in front of the camera, but I also look forward to the days when I can lounge around, get dirty working on my 58 ford, play some football, go snowboarding or mess with my two American Bulldogs.”