Shimano Trevala F Butterfly Jigging Spinning Rods

Shimano Trevala F Butterfly Jigging Spinning Rods

Shimano Trevala TVC-66MH Rod


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Value for Every Budget – Okuma and Shimano models provide outstanding value near the start of the range, while the Penn and Daiwa jigging rods offer premium options for your boat fishing rod. You can be certain of finding the best jigging rod here at the Fishing Tackle Shop.

Penn Rampage jigging Rods are tubular graphite composite one-piece rods that are both lightweight and tough. Rampage jigging rods fearure Penn's Torque EVA foregrips for added comfort and control. Line flows smoothly through the Fuji frames with aluminum oxide inserts and a heavy-duty graphite reel seat keeps the reel in its proper place at all times. The soft yet durable rubber gimbal fits firmly into a fighting belt or chair and the rubber will not scratch or crack the gel coat on your boat. Rubber gimbals also help ease the pain that traditional metal gimbals can put on the body while fighting fish.

Jigging rods have been at the forefront of modern tackle evolution

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    Star Rods expanded its line of offshore rods to include new Plasma Jigging Rods. The 5-foot, 2-inch conventional and spinning rods are built with basalt fiber to handle extreme heat, moisture and ultraviolet light. Basalt is a naturally occurring volcanic rock found worldwide that can be melted down and spun into hair-thin fibers for rod construction. The rods are weighted to handle 40- to 100-pound braided polyethylene line, and action ranges from heavy to extra heavy. Each rod is built with six silicon carbide Fuji guides, a 6.5-inch foam foregrip, Fuji reel seat and aluminum gimbal. Prices range from $299.95 to $329.95. Visit .

    Choose from a variety of spinning, casting and conventional saltwater jigging rods for anything from spin jigging for inshore blackfish to conventional jigging for grouper. Jigging rods feature tough graphite and glass composite blanks, with features such as aluminum reel seats, wrapped guides, EVA grips and hook keepers. Most are designed to be used with braided lines, but some can use monofilament line as well. Jigging rods can even be used for other types of fishing where you need light weight, light action and high pulling and lifting power. Order today and get a versatile, long-lasting fishing rod for wherever your fishing adventures take you.