Description: 8mm Left Hand Zinc Threaded Rod

Steel Fully Threaded Rod, Zinc Plated, 1/4"-20 Thread Size, 36" Length, Left Hand Threads


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Shitty thing is you can buy left hand nuts all day long and left hand threaded rod that is mild steel. I talked to my plater today and he will plate 50 of them for me for the minimum charge of $45. My problem is just buying and cutting threaded rod would look like shit. For I do not want to sell shit to my customers that looks like whipped it together real fast.

Threaded rod is a shaft of composed of steel, stainless steel, brass, bronze, silicon bronze, copper or other alloy which is threaded along its length. The rod can be threaded in three directions, including right hand, left hand, or both right hand and left hand. Right hand threaded rods are the most common and configured so that clockwise rotation tightens the threaded rod to a fastener. Left hand threads are less common, but well-suited for applications in which motor vibration would cause right handed threads to loosen.

When a thread direction is not specified, the default direction of the threaded rod is to the right. If a left hand threaded rod is needed it should be specifically called out. Threaded rods with both right and left hand threads have right threads at one end of the rod, and left threads at the opposite end. This dual thread style is used for specialty assemblies.

Left hand Threaded Rod On SC Fastening Systems

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Mild Steel Threaded Rod, Metric 1m Left Hand Threaded Rod