Wire Fishing Lightning Rod Kit – 30 Feet

LR-8400 Lightning Rod Kit for Glen Martin Hazers, Roof Top Towers, Martin Towers


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The original Lightning Rods kit was the most powerful mid drive available when we wrote about it back in December of 2014. But now, he has produced an even more powerful kit that he is calling his “big block”. It is wide enough that it fits between the pedals on extra-wide bottom brackets, like those found on some downhill bikes, the recently popular fatbikes, some cargobikes, and the Qulbix Raptor.

The solution to night openings and dark tinted windows. The Lightning Rod kit features our Lightning Rod Long Reach Tool, which allows for use at night without having to hold a flashlight, often impossible while trying to complete this type of opening. The light is self-contained in the tip, therefore there is no need for a hollow rod, which allows for a more rigid, durable rod. An extra battery and extra clear rubber tips are included, so you are never stuck without it. This indeed one of the most useful car opening tools in the car opening industry. The light uses LED technology that is durable, small, and energy efficient while providing a crisp white light.

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    pure awesomeness 🙂 thanks ron for a great story. The lightning rods kit is a game changer 🙂

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    That’s only half the story…you could mount the large hubmotors in several different sizes of wheel (19-inch dirt-bike tires are the most popular for an off-road Raptor) to make a small change in its diameter to affect the bikes torque/top-speed, but… If we compare the motors’ magnet speed to the length of tire distance traveled, the Lightning Rods kit gets even better. The magnet speed of a DD hubmotor has a direct 1:1 ratio with the distance traveled by the tire per revolution, but…the LR kit still has two distinct advantages.

    This Lightning Rod Kit uses AC power to heat water and save your propane. The Lightning Rod kit can heat water to 125°F in 45-90 minutes leaving the LP system intact. Use AC and LP simultaneously for faster recovery time. Low wattage, so it doesn't interfere with other electric appliances. Includes an adjustable thermostat, color-coded power cord and wiring and instructions. Also includes a choice of 2 zinc anode rods for corrosion protection, depending on size of drain hole. Universal kits fit Atwood, Suburban, MorFlo and American water heaters. 110V AC. Components UL listed. 425 watts. 4 amps. USA.