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Franklin began to advocate lightning rods that had sharp points.

Lightning rods attract lightning that is in a close proximity to the house, and then channel it through a safe path to the ground without damaging the house.

Uh, why doesn’t someone just invent something to attach to the lightning rod to store the energy. No need for lasers and all those lightning rods that are in place now can be put to better use (not that they are not useful now).

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  • Lightning Rods

    These days, lightning rods and cables can be installed in such a way so they are hidden and do not interfere with the aesthetics or architecture. Alternatively, decorative lighting rods are available if you prefer to show off your lightning rod system.

    Additions or changes after the lightning rod system is installed, that include conductors that are linked to your structure with lightning rods, can also cause problems. When making additions or changes to your building after lightning protection is installed, we recommend that you call a certified lightning installer to inspect it for safety.