If exhaust port is poor, a long rod will help peak power.

InterDesign Cameo Constant Tension Bathroom Shower Curtain Rod - 50-87", Large, Bronze



Uploaded by Leim at Saturday, July 20, 2013, the stunning Extra Long Curtain Rod Reviews image above is one of the few stunning photos that related to the main article Marvelous Impact of Window Treatment with Extra Long Drapery Rods.

Myriad pole and long rod options for panfish are available to anglers who prefer to dip and dabble their baits around cover or troll spider-rig style in open water. This is a peak at a few of the prominent options on the market—a preview of tackle best suited for these applications. As a technical note, by In-Fisherman definition a pole does not have rod guides and isn’t for use in conjunction with a reel. Many poles do have line keepers of one sort or another. Rods, obviously, are designed to employ a reel, most often a spinning reel, but also at times spincast and casting reels.

And voila!! The DIY Extra Long Curtain Rod is COMPLETE!!

  • Rosemary says:

    I made my own rods also. But made them out of copper tubing when it was a lot cheaper then now. At the time needed extra long rod for living room and the price of one I liked was way to much. while at the lumber yard with hubby ( in plumbing) just standing their waiting for him to get what he needed. I looked at the copper tubing and thought why not a rod. It looked great . Also saved the brackets from other rods and found the ends ( new ones at our local thrift store still in package. They were also copper . Let the rod tarnish at its whim.
    When we moved took the rod with us and redid for new living room.
    Great tof find things and make what they are not for.

  • Yay! You're now following banshee long rod pistons in your .

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    If you’re looking for a long rod for out and out power fishing take a serious look at this one. Of all the rods here, this is undoubtedly the most powerful and is well suited to carp waggler fishing at range or for targeting big barbel and chub on rivers where you’ll need to give them plenty of stick. The rod has stacks of power through the tip and middle and the guides are Abu’s SSGS models that are exceptionally lightweight. The handle is very short – perfect for river anglers. The blank is very responsive giving you stacks of ‘feel’ allowing you to compensate for every lunge the fish makes.