98-02 LS1 Eagle Connecting Rods : $465.00 : CSC6125DS2A2AI ..

Lunati 70361251-8 Voodoo Connecting Rod, Set of 8 (H-Beam, 6.125" Long, 2.100" Crank Journal Outside Diameter)


4340, I-Beam, 12-Point, Cap Screw, 6.100 in

If you do not find the LS1 connecting rods you need, please contact us for assistance. New models are constantly in development so we may have rods available that have not been added to this site you.

We are proud to sell top quality Chevy H-beam LS1 rods from K1 Technologies. K1 Tech is producing an extremely strong set of 4340 billet LS1 connecting rods at a reasonable price for the LS1 series engines. These LSX, LS2, LS7 and LS1 connecting rods are machined to very close tolerances and are far stronger than the original equipment rods.

Scat 4340 Forged Pro Series I-Beam Connecting Rods | JEGS

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    We also sell a wide variety of Chevy LS1 pistons to go with the K1 LS1 connecting rods and crankshafts including and and others in several different types, supercharged and turbocharged pistons, nitrous pistons, stroker pistons, , etc. as well as piston rings, bearings, etc. If youcan not find the Chevrolet LS1 engine parts you need, or if you have questions, please ,call, or use our online chat system and let us know what you need, and we will be happy to help.

    K1 Technologies manufactures H beam LS1 connecting rods and I beam LS1 connecting rods, in many rod lengths, and 4340 forged crankshafts and stroker cranks in a variety of strokes. You may view the full line of K1 Technologies products by clicking on this link: