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The Mystic Switch fly rod is versatile rods that can cast one-handed or two-handed. These fly rods were optimally designed to maximize casting distance. Carefully crafted with a strong, durable core, Mystic’s M-Switch rods are more than able to withstand the unique intensity of a two-handed cast and will serve you well as you pursue steelhead and salmon.

Mystic fly rods have been in development for several years, but they’ve only been available since 2007. In the short time since then, Mystic Outdoors LLC has earned its rightful place among the big boys. The company owners are obsessive about their small stable of products (ten fresh water models and three for salt). A quick glance tells you Mystic’s Tremor saltwater rods are premium fishing instruments. Standard rod specs include a hi-gloss sapphire blue finish, multi-density cork end piece, salt-resistant reel-seat that sports rubber 0-rings on the up-locks, stainless steel stripper guides with matching blue ceramic inserts, color-matched wrappings and a nicely integrated hook keeper.

Thank you to Mystic Fly Rods for some great sticks:

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    During the AFFTA 2009 show, I tried 3 Mystic River Fly Rods. The M593-4, a 5wt 4pc was the second one I tried. This rod like the all the four piece rods had both stripper guides on the second section up from the butt section.

    The mystic fly rods are available in a variety of brands and weight, so it is easier to find your desired ones. If you plan to spend leisure weekends going fishing, utilizing the rod is a brilliant determination. Each of them has its advantages and the purchase recommendations will include some useful information that you require to know– fashionable and functional designs.