Purpose and effects of Perm Rods

Conair Perm Rods 36 Pieces


Perm rods actually curl the hair. Twistouts elongate

Today we have seen the reasons why to perm, how this process allows a person with bone straight hair to have a bouncy straight curls, how you can achieve a beautiful change in hair style with a permanent wave "perm" . How to get the full body and thicker hair appearance using different perm rods sizes. They have the potential to be a repeat client . So let's make that money. keep your safety and sanitation at all times, learn your parting angles and always follow manufacturer's direction.

Sometimes fixing hair extensions and attachments can be really bothersome especially after a long, hard and stressful week. Its always exhausting to make an effort to get to the hairstylist for a hair-do for the next day especially when we have one occasion to attend and we must represent. Well FPN has good news as you can try out perm rods and you don’t need a stylist because you can do it yourself or get a family member to help you out if you will, and its all in the comfort of your own home.

Curls styled with perm rods #hair

  • poppy black

    Great article. Thank you! Itd really informative. have always been confused when it comes to choosing the right size perm rods. The grey ones are perfect for me as I’m in the between stage of not quite twa and not quite medium length. Cheers again

  • Perm Rods on Natural Hair with No Heat~ ♥

    Beautiful Results by @bighairbettyy Okay Dolls so I started out how I usually would.. Wash/blow dry out and curl in really large sections (curling should take no more then 15 minutes) Then: I put in perm rods in pretty small sections to make it more curly Slept in the and unraveled them and separated with my fingers. I didn't add any product while separating. Fluffed with my fingers and finish!

    Using perm rods is best to achieve the perfect simple gorgeous hairstyle plus you can dress it up or down since its versatile. Whether you have long natural hair or short hair all that matters is getting the right perm rod for your hair length and weight, its also important to know that perm rod hairstyles are heat-less and should be done overnight that way you get the best effect. Below are some tips you can follow to achieve simple curls.