Pflueger Fly Rod Starter Kit, Pfykit2 [6 Pack

Pflueger Fly Kit, 8-Feet 0-Inch


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These rods also come with the Crosswater Fly Reel, which we've previously noted is great, and is also prespooled with RIO Mainstream WF Fly Line and knotless leader. And they're reasonably priced at $69 to $99.Pflueger Fly Rod Starter Kit

Last winter me and a couple friends started to plan a back packing trip up to the top of Kings Peak which is one of the highest spots in Utah. We wanted to do lots of fly fishing for the week so the plan was to speed up there so we would have time for fishing. I could not wait to go because I love to fly fish and had not been for awhile due to a broken fly fish on my last trip. So I started to get ready for this trip by going down to the local fly fishing store that they have in town. Being on a tight budget it was hard to choose a good one because most of the fly fishes were a little pricey. I decided to keep looking around. I knew I wanted to get something nice and held good quality but that did not cost a arm and a leg. As I was walking out the door to leave there was a display set up for the Pflueger fly fishing rod that caught my eye. I started to look at it and tested it out as much as I could in the store. It felt really good and comfortable in my hand. It had a good grip to it and was not too flexible of a rod. This is a good thing because a stiffer one is easier to control your casting. The rod itself is graphite, which is very strong. It would take a lot to break this rod and the things that held the line are steel so they would not break. After looking at all this, this rod had me sold. I was not losing quality and still for a really good deal. The day came that I was able do a real test on this rod and I found that this rod works as good as I made it sound. I was able to put my line where it needed to be and because of that I was able to get a lot more fish. The rod this was very light weight so it was perfect adding to my backpack load. This rod is very durable and lasted the whole trip without any problems. All and all, this Pflueger fly fishing rod has been very good. I’m glad I got it over other more expensive rods.

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