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AR-4H Clear Rod,1/8" (30)


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LENGTH: ALWAYS order plastic welding rods that are longer than the longest bead that you want to lay. Contact us if you require plastic welds longer than 48 inches. We can provide economical plastic welding rods on reels with hundreds of feet of continuous welding rod. Contact us if you require plastic coil stock for plastic welding applications.

MATERIAL: ALWAYS order “like” materials. If your stock is HDPE, then order HDPE plastic welding rods. Does the rod you’re using stick? That’s the chief criterion; plastic stock and rods that are the same material will bond.

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    An important aspect of plastic welding rod design and manufacture is the of the material. A high porosity will lead to air bubbles (known as ) in the rods, which decrease the quality of the welding. The highest quality of plastic welding rods are therefore those with zero porosity, which are called .

    Official HEJET™ Plastic Welding Rods, available direct from the supplier - us! We have different colors and diameters available in each type of plastic. Our rods come in 12" and 48" lengths.