Popular Hot Rodding Magazine April, 1974 Back Issue $12

Popular Hot Rodding's Small-Block Chevy Performance Trends, Vol. 1 (HPBooks, No. 1334)


Popular Hot Rodding Magazine April, 1975 Back Issue $12

As usual, we’re back in Hebron, Ohio at National Trail Raceway for the Popular Hot Rodding Magazine 2013 Muscle Car of the Year event. Popular Hot Rodding holds this event annually to find the baddest street car in the country. This year is no different and with 14 competitors battling it out within three separate events; dragstrip, speed-stop challenge and the autocross, we’re sure to see some quick cars.

It has been the subject of more enthusiast magazine build stories than any other car and has graced the cover of Popular Hot Rodding (PHR) countless times. It even played a supporting role in "Hollywood Knights," serving as the supercharged transportation for Tony Danza and Michelle Pfeiffer.

Popular Hot Rodding Magazine May, 1975 Back Issue $12

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Popular Hot Rodding Magazine June, 1975 Back Issue $12

Currently, contenders are already lining up and the field looks aggressive. Right now, we’re seeing everything from a heavy dose of first-gen Camaros, a handful of Mopars, a Corvette and even a 1963 Pontiac Tempest. Competitors for the event are beginning to tech their vehicles.
For now, here’s the list of participants in this year’s Popular Hot Rodding Muscle Car of the Year competition. Stay tuned, we’ll have more live updates soon!

It took them 40 years, but Popular Hot Rodding's finally done it — they've finished the rebuild of the '57 Chevy they first received back in 1965. The history's as storied as can be and just as boring. But, if for some reason you're interested in what a magazine from Primedia with merely a token web site has got going on under the hood of their taken-forever-to-build project car, there's a gallery below and the full release from the General below the jump.