Yay! You're now following 1911 recoil guide rod in your .

Smith and Wesson Shield Stainless Steel Guide Rod Assembly (Drop-in Ready!)


VP9 & VP40 Stainless Recoil Rod Assembly Complete

The Rigid Recoil Rod for GLOCK eliminates recoil tube flex. Competition shooters have recognized the need for the Glock plastic recoil spring tube assembly to remain rigid under recoil. The hotter the weather, or gun; the more the recoil tube flexes.

The recoil tube in some Glock pistols has a permanent bow (just roll it across a flat table to test it). Even if your recoil tube has only a slight bow to it, it will not function as well as a perfectly straight recoil tube. The Rigid Recoil Rod will correct this, without needing to buy a new recoil spring tube assembly!

Recoil Guide Rod - HK USP 9mm & 40 S&W

  • Coated recoil rod reduces friction which improves both feeding and ejecting
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    The Rigid Recoil Rod has been designed with a flared hook (patent applied for) that prevents the rod from backing out of the recoil tube. This eliminates the jamming that other rods, without this feature, caused.

    Our recoil guide rods are machined from solid stock, no two piece construction here like some other guide rods. The steel rods are hardened steel and black oxide coated for a black finish. The plastic rods are precision machined from a self-lubricating polymer, and maintain the low weight of the stock assembly while giving you the ability to change springs.