– 2-Pack of Special .17 Cal. Rifle Rods †

Gun Storage Solutions Pack of 10 Rifle Rods Starter Kit with Loop Fabric (15 x 19-Inch)


Rifle Rods 20 Pack Starter Kit Package

† If you have a .17 caliber rifle, you will need one of these special Rifle Rods. The .17 caliber Rifle Rods have a smaller fiberglass shaft that is super strong and sized to fit the bore.

Maximize your gun storage capacity up to 50% over traditional gun racks! Rifle Rods are 16″ LONG and allow varying heights of guns to be organized. Works great with scopes, double barrels, even shorter AR guns. The starter kit comes complete with loop fabric to stick rods to ceiling of shelf. Add-on kits also available as your long gun collection grows.

The following excerpt was taken from the Rifle Rods website:

  • 22 caliber Rifle Rods - 16” long; 17 caliber Rifle Rods - 14” long
  • The following excerpt was taken from the Rifle Rods website:

    Your gun safe may look something like the safe pictured on the left. You have a few short guns that the Rifle Rods do not reach. Many customers have asked for a longer Rifle Rod to reach down to shorter guns. A longer Rifle Rod will not solve this problem. for more information on why a longer Rifle Rod will not work.

    Store and organize long guns in the upright position to create space for more guns. Simply staple the loop fabric (included in Starter Kits) under the top shelf in your safe; then drop the VelcroTM headed Rifle Rod down the barrel of the long gun and pull up to attach the hook and loop. Rifle Rods will stabilize your gun in the upright position. Continue this process until the safe is -Inch straightened up-Inch. Rifle Rods are very versatile, so feel free to be creative when placing guns. Rifle Rods are an injection molded plastic product with ultra-sonically welded Velcro hook coin on tip, and fit barrels as small as a 22 caliber. They work great with scopes, single/double barrel shotguns, etc. Like everything from Gun Storage Solutions; Rifle Rods are made in the USA! 10 Pack Starter Kit Includes: 10 Rifle Rods, 19-Inch x 15-Inch Industrial Grade 100% Nylon Woven Loop Fabric Shelf liner.