The clearest and most user friendly rod building epoxy on the market.

Flex Coat F2S Wrap Finish Kit


The clearest and most user friendly rod building epoxy on the market.

Of course, you might get lucky and stumble onto a craft epoxy that works great as a thread wrap coating! But it may take you a long time, a lot of experimentation and a hefty investment to do so. Considering that the price of specialty rod building epoxies is generally not at all different than what you’d pay for an equivalent amount of hobby or craft epoxy, it makes more than a little sense to strongly consider them first, if not entirely. The specialty rod building epoxy suppliers have already done the leg work for you – why not take advantage of it?

Our selection of rod building epoxy & finishes cover all applications. We carry epoxies to install arbors, handles and reel seats, or choose a quick cure version for last minute repairs. For finishes that protect and showcase your thread work, choose from a wide variety of fast and tradition curing times, and select the viscosity that is right for your rod building project.

Nyatex Rod Builders Epoxy Adhesive Solution for Custom Bamboo Rods

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    Reel seats are installed with bushings of masking tape underneath them so they fit snug on the blank. They are then set with rod builders epoxy glue. When putting on the reel seat, custom builders will check for the spine or backbone of the rod, where the natural bend of the blank occurs and turn the reel seat so that the top rests on that line.