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Tifara Beauty 42-pack 7" Flexible Curling Rods


What are flex-rod curlers, and how do you use them?

There is a very specific way to set up the rods and curlers for a proper perm. If the correct rolling method is not followed, the perm may not turn out properly, and the hair may lose its hold and become limp much more quickly than a correctly performed perm.

When you understand your own hair type and what type of curling iron produces the curls you are after, you can easily get the right look without spending time and money and damaging your hair.

What are flex-rod curlers, and how do you use them

Packaging Details: 110V-240V Cake Roll egg roll three-Rod curlers
Usual Packing:
Gift box size:40CM*11CM*5.5CM
Carton size:60CM*35CM*45.5CM
We can afford any gift boxes as your requirements.
Delivery Detail: 7-25 WORKING DAYS

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When wrapping the side hair -- the hair around the ear and profile view -- you must curl the hair around the rod in a downward motion. Start by holding the rod at the ends of the hair, on the inside (so the rod is between the neck or ear and the actual hair). Curl the tips of the hair around the the back of the rod, then begin to roll the hair so the rod is curling in a downwards motion. Doing this will curl the hair up back around the rod, which will make it tight once the rod reaches the root.

I’m just beginning my transition phase. I have a short tapered haircut & trying my best not to get another perm. I love the perm rod curls & want this style to get me thru. My question is, how do you tighten the rods to your scalp once rolled? I’m also new at using perm rods. Love your hair