7 RPM Fly, Jig and Rod Drying Motor with Removable Battery Pack

American Tackle Fishing Rod Dryer Motor & Adjustable Support Stand - ARD - 110 Volt


Flex Coat Rod Drying Finishing Motor - Custom Fly Rod Crafters

With those thoughts in mind, I set out to buy a new drying motor last year to replace my older one that I was never quite happy with. I'm not the handiest guy in the world (and some would argue that I should probably buy rods off the shelf instead of building my own), so I looked around for a "complete" rod drying motor. By complete I mean one with a high quality chuck, a good motor, a rod stand, and solid construction. One that had all the bells and whistles and worked right out of the box without any tinkering required. The Sully motor seemed like the best one available. It also happened to be the highest priced.

I don't expect much from a rod drying motor. It should turn smoothly and hold a rod section securely while it turns. Bumps and wobbles and starts and stops are most unwelcome. Sections that come loose and stop turning are definite no-nos. An on-off switch is nice.

Rod Drying Motors - Rod building

  • Rod Drying Motor w/Stand
  • Rodsmith Finish Drying Motor, 110 Volts, 36 RPM

    I myself used my rod building drying motor,and cut a 2-3 inch piece of plastic dowel (doesn't have to be plastic, could be wood), a round cut piece foam attached with a washer & screw to dowel. alligator clips found at electronics stores solder pins to each clip. Now you have a fly drier/flyrod building dryer.