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The Leica Geosystems ROD EYE Pro is the top of the line sensor for general construction applications. The Leica Geosystems ROD EYE Family of Sensors offers solutions for any general construction and interior application, and are ideally matched to work with the RUGBYTM Family of Lasers. They are construction-tough, designed to work in harsh, loud environments, and provide precise and repeatable accuracy. The Leica ROD-EYE sensors emit three selectable beeper sounds (rapid, slow, and continuous, when high, low, and on-grade, respectively) to meet your job site conditions.

The Leica ROD-EYE Pro Laser Detector is the top of the line sensor for general construction applications, with a working diameter of 2,500 ft (750 m). Its liquid crystal display (LCD) on both the front and rear allow for easy visual indication of the reference plane of visible or invisible laser light. The Leica ROD EYE Pro Sensor has extremely accurate sensing bands, and even features industrial deadband settings for special applications. The Leica ROD-EYE Pro's bracket comes with a reversible mounting jaw and a vise-like grip to suit all shapes of rods. All ROD-EYE Pro's come with a 36 month warranty - INDUSTRY'S BEST.

Spherical rod eye mounts are available ..

Leica Rod Eye Basic
Value for all general construction applications

Leica Rod Eye 180 Digital RF: Top of the range receiver : ..

A rod is the same length as a , also sometimes called a pole which measure using cordage or wood, slightly antedated the use of both rods and surveyors chains, made of more dimensionally regular materials. Its name derives from the , the . The measure also has a relationship to the military of about the same size and both measures date from the sixteenth century, when that weapon was still utilized in national armies. The tool, normally configured as a metal rod with eye-ends (loops that could be hooked together), was used commonly until quite recently, when it was supplanted by electronic tools such as surveyor lasers () and optical target devices for surveying lands. Surveyors rods and chains are still utilized in rough terrains with heavy overgrowth where laser or other optical measurements are difficult or impossible. In old English, the term is also used.

For those looking for value at a low price. The Leica Rod Eye Basic is a great receiver. Offering two accuracy settings, high/low audio output and a 1000 ft. range, the Rod Eye Basic is a quality receiver that is ready to work for you.