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Rod Green, of Florida, creates a bear with a chain saw Friday at the Warren County Fair. Green's work is a paid attraction and is sold at silent auction to raise money for the fair. Dennis Grundman/Daily

Rod Green, is a former college athlete who competed at the University of Oregon in Football and Track and Field. He went on to have a brief stint with the Washington Redskins. Now, a network marketing veteran whose building a solid business the health and wellness company Isagenix. Work with him and his business partner, former NFL football player and top network marketer JJ Birden (). Their team Team X 88 International is the Isagenix team to join!

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It was a beautiful warm day on Sunday at Corowa Clay Target Club with nature providing the perfect backdrop of flora and fauna for the monthly shoot.
The eye opener event of a 10 target continental double barrel provided 16 perfect scores from Greg Rowe, Jo-anne Ford, Callum Palmer, Rick Palmer, Bob Glossop, Wes Humphreys, Peter Gorrie, Paul Kovacs, Mark Large, Neville Clark, Ron Cugley, Rod Green, Royce Wojtowyez, Rod Wilson, Daryl Hunt and John Wojcik.
Event 2 was a 50 target continental double barrel event with John Gemmill the only shooter to successfully snag all 50 targets. Well done John, he went on to take out the overall and AA grade prizes for that event.
Second in AA grade went to Royce Wojtowyez 58/60 after a shoot off, A grade 1st Rick Palmer 49/50, 2nd Colin Wemyss 68/70, 1st B grade Scott Glossop 47/50, 2nd Rod Green 51/55, 1st C grade Geoff Coombes 47/51, 2nd Alistair Sunderland 46/51.
Event 3 was a 50 target double barrel with Daryl hunt taking AA grade and overall on 62/62, 2nd AA Royce Wojtowyez 61/62, 1st A grade Callum Palmer 102/104, after an epic shoot off, 2nd Paul Kovacs 101/104, 1st B grade Peter Gorrie 48/50, 2nd Ron Cugley 58/61, 1st C grade Garry Coombes 49/53, 2nd Ben Kuschert 48/53.
Overall High gun for the day was won by Royce Wojtowyez 118/119, great effort Royce.
Veterans High gun went to Greg Pinner 107/110, Juniors High Gun was won by Callum Palmer 106/110 and Ladies High Gun went to the hard working Jo Ford 94/110.
Thanks to everyone who helped ref, score fill traps and setup.