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75 Pcs 8 Size Stainless Steel Ceramics Bait Casting Rod Guides Carbon Guide Repair


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Double footed fishing rod guides are for designed to provide more strength and tend to less sensitive. They're found on casting rods for bass and other rods manufactured for large game fish.

Double E’s Rod Guides help reduce lifting costs and minimize rod and tubing wear. Our popular Rod Guides act as a wear resistant bushing to space rod couplings from the tubing bore. Our unique wrap around design creates a double-lock grip on the rod. That grip is strong enough to prevent slippage in most well conditions. Double E Rod Guides are easy to install. The diagonal slots slip over the rod and easily snap into place.

Fuji Telescopic Rod GuidesTMOG Low set guides for sensitive...

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  • RECOIL Single Foot Spinning Rod Guides. Nickel titanium alloy.

    Generally speaking, there should be a guide for every foot of rod. A 6' rod should have six guides, possibly seven, plus a tip guide for example. Spacing between fishing rod guides is wider at the butt end with the distance reducing as they move closer to the tip. Lower quality rods will often be found to have too few guides. Be certain to count them and if there are fewer than one per foot of rod put the rod back on the rack. Also check the in-line placement to assure they are aligned correctly.

    Established in 1985, Alps has grown year by year, manufacturing innovative leading edge Rod Guides and Reel seats with the unique "Trilex, Trilok & Centra Lock, Aluminum Reel seats