Rod Liddle is associate editor of the London Spectator.

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What an complete A-SE Rod Liddle is. I have lived with Fibromyalgia for over 20 years. It is a very painful condition. I have been hospitalised by this and have had to use crutches and a walking stick. I have lost a lot of confidence as well as the ability to work. I had a great energetic life before this stuck. I am lucky to have a Husband who supports me and helps me with physical side of things. I belong to a support group and all of them know how painful this condition is, and how hard it is to live with. Maybe he should take the time and spend time with people with this condition. God help him if anyone close to him ends up with this.

Rod Liddle you horrible distrace of a man!! I had lived with fibro for around 9 years, in this time I had almost died with anorexia due to this illness. I worked all my life, and after coming down with this illness I have not been able to function let alone work. I have lost all my work friends and social life, and have had to reply on friends and family to be able to live. I have also had to learnt to walk again. I think you are extremely discusting for the article you have written, I am disturbed and deeply upset by your comments. People with this illness are so severly disabled that they cannot live a norma independantl life. You have never suffered the illness, and doubt very much that you know anyone that has this or ME so what rights have you go to try to make out that we are scroungers? I hope that something like this happens to you or to your wife and lets just see how you cope you dickhead!!

From Rod Liddle, in the latest Spectator:

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Controversial columnist and hardened smoker Rod Liddle is getting personal about the government's plans to force cigarettes under the counter. Public Health Minister, Dawn Primarolo hopes it will reduce the number of young people smoking. She will join David Garmston on this Sunday's Politics Show West.

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First, professional troll Rod Liddle :

Rod Liddle AKA asshole…….how dare you talk about a condition you clearly know nothing about you arrogant individual. Get your facts right before you open your big mouth. I would dearly love you to experience these conditions by why for just a month…. wimp……I’ve had it for 18 bloody years and work, also do voluntary work, raise money for charities to help those self manage this terrble condition and raised two children on my own…..and I don’t have a disability badge despite spending many months in hospital paralysed through this”invented peaky” illness. How dare you question me about having such a cruel illness and make it sound so bloody trivial……you are the biggest dick head ever………….Get a life and I hope and pray you get a taste of what it is like not to have your health……

Rod Liddle is nothing more than a washed up, attention seeking shit sack that should be ignored. He has no value and serves no purpose. Same goes for The Sun.