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Rod Martin LB #53 Drafted by Raiders in 1977 12th Round; 317th Pick. 2x Pro-Bowler, 4x All-Pro & 2x Super Bowl Champion (XV & XVIII) w/ Raiders (1977-88)

Rod Martin was a star amongst stars that day. Flying all around the field Martin grabbed everything within sight and helped to determine the fate of them poor birds on that glorious day. We can remember it like it was yesterday.

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    From Black Hole Rob “I remember going to school with a grin a mile long thinking about Rod Martin picking off them 3 passes”….”I will never forget that moment”.

    That was then but the impression still lasts today. Rod Martin’s legend remains Big Time in the Raider Nation and so as far as The Black Hole is concerned this is a man who locked in his induction on that Super Bowl Day but since then has done nothing but secure it even more.