C shape bracket DSLR Rig Accessories 15mm Rod Support System

RAM® Fishing Rod Holder System.

Neewer Universal Aluminum 15mm Rail Rod Support System High Riser DSLR Camera Mount Baseplate 9.8"/25cm Long with 1/4" Screw Quick Release Plate for Follow Focus Matte Box


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The final component is the Strap. The Strap connects all the main components together to create a simple carrying system that is secure and angler friendly. The simple webbing strap with a plastic non-slip shoulder pad connects the Long Tip Top and the Base Unit together by means of two large plastic clips. When the loaded Rod System is placed on the shoulder, the strap keeps the two items pulled together and the rods held firmly in place.

We have used the Thinking Anglers Rod System for a few sessions now, and found it to be superb. Ready made rods can fit into the smallest cars now without taking up too much valuable space or worrying about the reels knocking around, and for those evening sessions after work or opportunist sessions when the Mrs goes out shopping etc, the angler can travel light but still easily carry the same rods as they would have on a longer session. Even the angler that fishes longer sessions on a variety of venues will benefit from the Rod System in that a Spod and Marker rod can be kept together using the system and be stored in the shed safely, and picked up if required without having to take them in and out of a larger holdall should they be or not be required for that session. The Rod System will also find favour with the specialist or predator angler that roams along rivers. A landing net can be slipped into the Base Unit and secured to the Long Tip Top with the longer velcro straps to add even more rigidity to the System and also be transported simply. The velcro covered slot in the Bramble Cover is such as simple thought, but ingenious!

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Remington Squeeg-E Universal Rod Cleaning System, Green

When it comes to functional pieces of tackle, Thinking Anglers are certainly up there with the very best of them, and their new Rod System is something that will appeal to the angler that likes to travel as light as possible. With more and more anglers scaling down their tackle, or spending less time on the bank due to time constraints, the Rod System has been designed with reducing weight and bulk, yet retain superb protection of the anglers rods and reels.
The Rod System is made up of several items that are also individually available from Thinking Anglers; 2 x Reel Pouches, 1 x Long Tip Top, 1 x Bramble Cover, 1 x Base Unit and a Strap. If you looked at the items individually, you would be excused in thinking "how do I use all this?", but in reality it is a very simple solution.

Once again Thinking Anglers have come up with the goods, and any angler that likes to travel light should take a serious look at the Rod System.