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Pearsalls Naples Rod Wrapping Silk Color Black


Front ViewRod Wrapping Stand31" 10lb 2oz Dolly Varden Trout

You may be asking yourself, “can I get some other really cool and expensive stuff too?” Rod wrappers, drying motor, glue mixers and so on. The answer is yes . . . but not right now. We want your first rod building experience to be quick, clean, inexpensive, fuss free and most important of all, FUN! Read these instructions in their entirety before you actually begin construction!!

This highly versatile rod wrapper is designed to do precision wrapping. With two tension devices and adjustable thread feed, this is the most popular unit for custom rod builders.


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You can wrap any type rod with a FlexCoat hand rod wrapper and 18rpm drying motor. Unless you're turning out lots of rods, a power wrapper is not necessary. If you want to turn grips, you will also need a lathe. All of these were done with a Flex Coat wrapper.


RodSmith Hand Wrapper - No Power The Pacific Bay RodSmith Hand Wrapper provides an economical alternative for entry level rod builders and those who prefer to wrap by hand. Includes Spool holder, thread track, and thread tensioner.

You can make a wrapping jig in just a few hours. It works better than a box and phone book. I'll give you some pics of a quick one that I built. Search back post on rod wrappers.