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Like other tension rod uses, are part decorative and part function. If you have a large bookcase, hutch, or entertainment console that has multiple cubbies or small compartments, then you can add some glamour with decorative pieces of fabric hung from small tension rods across some of the shelves. This also helps to hide things that aren't quite display worthy, but that you often access, such as DVDs or stacks of magazines.

Now that you have your measurements handy – and written down so that you do not forget them – take a look at your curtains. Are they thick, heavy drapes that require extra support? For these, you will want rods made from a strong, sturdy material such as steel or wrought iron. If you opted for the light, airy feel of sheer curtains or something similar, you can select practically type of hardware you like. Tensions rods are popular choices for because they do not require hammers, drills and screwdrivers for mounting. They just fit into your window, much like a shower curtain rod might with springs. At PBteen, we offer both large and small tension rods made from durable yet attractive steel to fit any window.

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Corral an unruly junk drawer using mini tension rods as dividers in the drawer. Simply wedge small rods across the insides of the drawer to make lanes or compartments to keep things in place. Small tension rods also work great in shallow desk drawers to keep pens and pencils neatly lined up.