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In accordance with the above objects, this invention is a surveying rod leveling device comprising an elongated bracket mounted to a vertical surface having top and bottom horizontal plates mounted at right angles onto the bracket. The top horizontal plate has a movable joint for securing means for hanging a plumb line and bob or alternately securing the surveying rod. The bottom horizontal plate contains an aperture to receive a center point and means to adjust the plate to and from the bracket and as a radius around the aperture so that the center point is aligned with the plumb bob.

FIG. 1 is a side elevational view of the surveying rod leveling device according to the present invention depicting the use of the plumb line and bob;

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The present invention relates to surveying rod leveling instruments and more particularly to a device which can be used to check the accuracy of the level attached to a surveying rod.

Levels attached to surveying rods have been used for many years to ensure that the surveying rod is level when measurements are taken. Accuracy is extremely important in the art of surveying because even small errors can result in liability of the surveyor. Over time, however, levels attached to surveying rods can lose accuracy due to jostling and bouncing. It is even possible that new rods have levels that have not been properly calibrated at the factory. It is therefore desirable to have a device which provides a means for ensuring accuracy of the level attached to the surveying rod.