How To Build a DIY Survival Fishing Rod

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And thus enters the reality of a life-saving survival fishing rod. Compared to sardine-can fishing, the additional metabolic fuel requirement above BMR when using the is so low to be of little concern in the calorie equation. Where the good numbers do go up, and way up at that, is with casting frequency, casting distance, and casting accuracy.

But none of this matters in a survival situation if your 8-piece carbon fiber survival fly rod is in splinters at the bottom of your . Having the proper action and power for a particular situation is of little consequence when you are forced to fish for your life. So let’s look at the survival fishing rod from another perspective by adding fishing efficiency to the equation. If your handmade branch-fishing rod requires you to wade into the cold water, or crawl around on the rocks to avoid scaring the fish, or repeatedly spend valuable time fighting with your line, then your equipment is working against you. Now replay this same scenario hour after hour, day after day and it doesn’t take an accountant to see that your checking account at First National Life will soon be overdrawn.

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A survival fishing rod can be crafted from PVC. While it does look a little complicated to build, it can give you a serious advantage over just using a line and hook.

A True Survival Fishing Rod!!! Compact (collapsible) spinning rod with die-cast metal handle, Zebco ADV 30 Spin Reel, and quick change quarter turn locking stainless steel rod. Excellent for light spin fishing and delicate presentations. Emmrod has designed compact fishing poles and rods made of stainless spring steel that break down to just 13"...