About the R.B Meiser Switch Rod Series

Wild Water Complete 7 Weight Switch Rod Fly Fishing Starter Package for Steelhead


Not Pandion .Would a 9wt be better for the beach in a Switch rod?

Jeff likes the switch rod because it’s shorter and it helps him out in tight spots but for me the kick was fighting those tough fish on the lighter rod. It was a blast and those rods will take more pressure than I guessed. A switch rod is a little harder to cast than the longer Spey rod but I fished Jeff’s in a six weight and was kind of surprised. For an inexpensive rod it performed quite well. It casts very nicely and you can really feel it load.

Switch rods are usually between 10 and 12 feet long. They have a top handle about 1-1/2 times longer than a normal single-handed rod and a short 4-inch handle below the reel. This lower handle is used when a two-hand cast is needed.

| | | ECHO CLASSIC 11'0" #7 Switch Rod

  • Redington CHROMER Switch Rod
  • Redington BEHEMOTH Fly Reel
  • RIO Skagit MAX Short Shooting Head (sized to fit rod weight)
  • OPST Lazar Line Running Line
  • RIO 10' T-11 MOW Sink Tip
  • RIO Backing Installed

| | | ECHO CLASSIC 11'0" #7 Switch Rod

A switch rod used with the correct rigging has proven it will change how you fish and improve your fishing experience overall. Once proficient at casting a switch, you’ll cast much farther, use less energy and be prone to improved accuracy. In addition, you can cast single-handed, employ the two-handed over head cast, or the Spey swing cast if you’re hemmed in, or, if a cast over 40- to 50-feet isn’t required you can easily roll cast that distance – no problem.

Manufacturers are now making switch rods in the lighter weights. The lighter #4, #5 and #6 weight rods are most commonly used for trout and smaller steelhead while the heavier #7 and #8 weight switch rods are used for winter steelhead.