That’s right, we deliver tapestry rods worldwide.

TheDisplayDeal Hanging Rod Set, 20-to-58 Inch adjustable Length, 3/4-Inch OD, for curtain tapestry


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This is new, and we know many of you are excited as you have asked for tapestry rods to be available in the US, the UK, Australia and elsewhere, with a purchase of a tapestry.

Tapestry Rods, Finials and Tassels finish the look and properly hang your new tapestry wall hanging. A variety of styles, sizes and colors to perfectly coordinate with your new Tapestry Wall Hanging.

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    This Tapestry Hanging Rod is a medium size, black extendable rod for wall hanging tapestries, brass fleur-de-lys finials tapestry rods are created by craftsmen employing traditional techniques and the finest quality materials, the finials are sand cast in solid brass, hand polished & then lacquered. Our tapestry rods are made in the UK.

    The Tapestry Rods collection includes decorative tapestry rods that are perfect for displaying tapestries. These tapestry rods make hanging your tapestries easy and add that decorative touch to accentuate your tapestrys. While the tapestry rods offered in this collection we're designed specifically for hanging tapestries, curtain rods offered in the wood and decorative curtain rod section can also be used for hanging tapestries.