Taylor 4" Drum Tension RodsTR4 - Set of 124" Replacement Tension Rods

Camco 44063 Cupboard Bars - 3 pack


Driftworks Tension Rods S13 S14 S15 R32 R33 R34 Z32

18. And lastly, if you want a custom bedskirt or dust ruffle, use tension rods to hang them from your bed frame. They also make a lot of sense for kids rooms and dorms: hang curtains from high loft beds (like this one from ) to hide whatever is down below. Here's a tutorial from to show you how.

This is one of the ideas I’m definitely going to try. I love the snapshots, and other little mementos, hanging from clips on a tension rod above a desk. Great decorative appeal. If you look closely you’ll see they’ve used tension rods as vertical dividers as well.

Yay! You're now following tension rods in your .

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  • 7 16 inch round spring tension cafe rods 8 11 inches

A six pack of hand-screw tension rods.

High strength steel bars, also often referred to as tie rods, tie bars, tension rods and tension bars. Available in carbon steel which can be galvanised and stainless steel.

This picture shows you don’t have to have really deep kitchen drawers to benefit from the organizational benefits of tension rods. Love how this keeps the plastic lids in place next to the plastic containers. I currently store mine in completely separate areas because I couldn’t figure out how to easily store them together! Must do this.